Supply Chain Risk Getting the Royal Treatment

Freddie Pierce
- Procurement - Feb 26, 2012

With natural disasters causing market unrest in sectors as diverse as information technology and nuclear power, the management of supply chain risk has never been a hotter topic for business leaders.

How to diversify holdings to mitigate the impact of a single supply chain zone anomaly; how to develop backups and safeguards for crucial links in the chain; how much it all matters to your bottom line – these and other topics will be covered by industry leaders at the Extended Supply Chain Conference this April in London.

Over 40 international guest speakers will be presenting, and professionals in the field will be given a singular opportunity to mingle in the creamy ethereality of a swanky London hotel.  Women tend to be thinner than they should be and older than they seem; men have large features and don’t wear top buttons or ties, although you notice their absence. 


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·         Homeland Security announces supply chain crisis plan

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It’s exactly the atmosphere to encourage the kind of networking that’ll tide you over until next year.  And we haven’t even mentioned the ESC’s special 1-2-1 meetings – add those numbers up however you want to.

The event has an impressive roster of speakers drawn from some of the most prominent companies in the world.  Supply chain managers from all over Europe attend ESC every year to hear the likes of Patrik Jansson, VP Ops at Sony Ericsson, speak to the issue of endemic risk.

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