Boeing Shakes Things Up After Delivery Delay

Freddie Pierce
- Procurement - Feb 26, 2012

It’s been a busy time for Boeing.

The future of commercial aircraft design, the 787 Dreamliner project, stayed in the future a bit too long for purchasers’ tastes – three years – and Boeing may end up having to compensate them for the delay.

Still, it’s a beautiful aircraft, and the worst of it is probably behind them.  They have a world-class product that is finally, blessedly finished, and the goat has now been scaped with the demotion of program chief Scott Fancher.  Larry Loftis, head of the thriving 777 unit, has been tapped to step in.


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Boeing was not willing to address any questions about the appointment, with Boeing big fish Jim Albaugh saying only that the move is designed “to better align our organization for the challenges ahead.”

It seems safe to say that those challenges will be lighter than they were a year ago, although there may still be considerable fallout from unexpected delays in the production process that included design problems and supply chain failures.

Outgoing program manager Fancher insists the case some clients are making for damages is overstated.  “I can't say the delayed delivery didn't have any impact but ANA and Boeing worked closely to mitigate it,” he said, adding that Boeing had provided alternative jets to address the shortage.

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