Matrix office with interactive transaction monitor

More than one way to procurement best practice

There will be many different viewpoints when it comes to discussing issues of best practice, but while experts from disparate fields may differ, there are still some fundamentals on which they converge
Improve your procurement process

Five purchasing best practices for 2014, by DigiKey

Ready to implement new best practices in your organisation? Here are five to consider
New procurement directives aim to cut red tape

Public sector procurement reform: breaking down barriers for SMEs, by Gatewit

Pedro Paulo, CEO of Gatewit, a leading company in the development of electronic procurement platforms, discusses the issues surrounding SMEs in public procurement competitions, the red tape that may hinder them and the new directives that could cut that tape
Let's play logistics

From A-Z, how a soccer ball reaches a consumer's doorstep, by Kewill

Evan Puzey of Kewill takes us through the steps required to deliver a soccer ball to a consumer, offering us an insight into the unseen process behind the arrival of our cherished items
Inbound supply chain is often neglected

New white paper on optimising inbound supply chain, by AEB (International) Ltd.

AEB (International) Ltd has released a new white paper titled Successful Inbound Supply Chain Management, providing valuable insight on how key areas of the inbound supply chain can be optimised
E2open infographic

Infographic: reinventing direct procurement, by E2open

The following is a tasy infographic from E2open, a provider of cloud-based, on-demand software. It is based on information gathered from the results of a quantitative research study conducted by Spend Matters and the Institute of Supply Management. The report provides insight on how senior supply executives from top-performing organizations are pushing the boundaries of excellence and forging ahead to manage supply strategically
A partnership in supply chain sustainability

AIOE & Ecodesk unite over transparency & sustainability

Brands such as PepsiCi, Del Monte, ConAgra, Cadbury, Coca Cola, Kelloggs and Kraft Foods will be encouraged by their member organisation, the Alliance for Innovation and Operational Excellence, to get their suppliers openly reporting sustainability data to Ecodesk.The drive to improve supply chain transparency and achieve sustainability targets has seen the group partner with the cloud-based platform for enhancing global supply chain sustainability
CIPS guide released in partnership with anti-slavery charity

CIPS & Walk Free Foundation's ethical procurement guide

A guide introducing procurement professionals to the key concepts behind ethical procurement and providing practical advice has been released by a major industry institute in partnership with an anti slavery charity
Getting on in procurement

Secrets of a career in procurement revealed, by Wax Digital

Research conducted by procurement software specialist Wax Digital has revealed the secrets to a job in procurement
ERP survey's intriguing findings

Survey shows majority of ERP projects are confused disappointments

Survey by K3 FDS and carried out by Vanson Bourne shows 15 percent of implementations come in on budget
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