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The Supply Chain with the Dragon Tattoo

You are the one

An independent review board of supply chain operations called The Open Group has released a report suggesting an international standard in IT security measures.  The proposal is intended to head off risks to disruptions in the vital operations of the global supply chain.

With recent natural disasters proving how costly interruptions can be, cyber security experts have been calling for standardized reform for some time.  This recent effort might just have the magic mix of precision, practicality, and legitimacy that will yield real change throughout the industry.


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“With the increasing threats posed by cyber-attacks worldwide, technology buyers at large enterprises and government agencies across the globe need assurance the products they source come from trusted technology suppliers and providers who have met set criteria for securing their supply chains,” said David Lounsbury, CTO of The Open Group.

With leaders ranging from President Obama to Secretary of State Clinton calling for IT security, this new proposal is sure to stimulate new movement for change.  “Standards…will have a significant impact on how organisations procure [products] over the next few years and how business is done across the global supply chain.”

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